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Influential Past Sires

Over the years a number of sires have been influential in building the Westmorland herd. Some of these bulls have been included here along with a photo where available and a little information on each.

World Trend Q434 T408

A bull and breeder ahead of their time . Born 1998 T408 has ancestors still influencing the performance data of our breed. A huge bull at the time whose daughters were outstanding performers.

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Rilo Park Ransom

By Deliverance from Unique 13U who was Agribition Champion and the mother of bulls acclaimed worldwide. Purchased for $25,000 at 15 months having won his class at Canberra and Sydney Shows, later being Reserve Junior Champion in Melbourne. His calves show extra growth and carcass qualities for which Deliverance is famous. Ransom was injured and was ultimately destroyed.

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Sevenbardot Indigo B248

An outstanding Poll Hereford bull purchased as a five year old after use at Sevenbardot. Absolutely all quality, great structure, great feet and produced sons that sold easily and daughters that grew into big productive females. Still the most consistent breeding bull used by Westmorland to date.

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Moorlands Muscle Man H36

The only calf born in Australia from the outstanding cow Remitall Pin Up 33P. A big bull, 1170 + Kg and obvious as to his naming. Used both in the commercial and stud herds, left great daughters that were big enough with great temperament, sound structure, good feet and excellent mothers.

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Kimpton Park Flame Thrower K193

Purchased from Bathurst saleyards after use by the Robbins brothers he weighed 1330kg on delivery. With limited use, left growthy, saleable sons and daughters and grand daughters in the Davis Bar Flame tradition of being good milkers.

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Westmorland Vanguard L10

An enormous bull 1287Kg at 8 years old off grass with perfect shoulders and perfect feet. A good number of the stud herd were at one time his daughters but between drought and the steady decline in figures for his sire GK Vanguard S55 and L10 himself only the best were retained.

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Bowen Vincent V1

Poll Hereford Sire of the year 2005. One of Australia’s most proven and widely used sires. Purchased at the Debarry Dispersal for $20,000. Great structure, sound feet, excellent temperament, outstanding figures but most importantly is the ability of his daughters to breed above the average.

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Westmorland Boomer B133

Great pedigree excellent carcass and great figures. Probably a bit “modern” in 2018.

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Westmorland Vincent E39

“Affectionately known as “Shaun”. Those at Dubbo National 2011 will understand why. A quality easy doing Vincent son from a lovely cow WPCB83. A bull of good volume, great structure, wonderful temperament and excellent feet who produced easy selling sons and very productive daughters with all those characteristics. For 2018 and beyond could use a little more muscle.

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Yavenvale Lottery L417

By Churchill Stud 3134A from a lovely Spark 555 daughter. Lottery L417 has a great carcass, excellent temperament, structure and feet with a great data set and is proving to be a terrific sire of quality, with easily born calves who grow well. He was used naturally and by AI.

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Westmorland Trust K136

A long, well muscled, PP Trust son from an outstanding Vincent daughter WPCE82 who we sadly lost this year when she bogged in the creek. He has thrown to E82 and replicates himself well. His numbers reflect what he’s done here.

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Westmorland Waterhouse K129

A full brother to WPCK127 below. A thick well muscled D1 flush son from a beautiful, perfect footed Remittal Online daughter. Three other full brothers sold at Wodonga and Dubbo and the sisters retained. An excellent son going to Wodonga 2019 and some lovely heifers sold February and two retained.

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Westmorland Waterhouse K127

Breeding as above. Probably underutilised because of the white back which he passes on mainly as spots to about 10% of his excellent progeny. A long bull, well made, great head and feet. Largely used in the commercial herd but I should have given him more stud duties.

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Westmorland Trust K211

A bull I like a lot. A twin, raised by his mother with an outstanding twin sister who is also breeding well. His dam C126 is a lovely old T39 daughter. K211 is well muscled, quality, well made, adequately sized bull with a great head and eye. His calves are similarly described.

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Elite KMPK156

What a great purchase, the perfect heifer bull. Unfortunately or fortunately K156 keeps growing and may soon be too big to use on heifers. He has a wonderful temperament, excellent feet, good head and eye, is red necked but most of his calves are not and a good set of numbers. His calves are born small but busy and grow quickly. They too have his fantastic nature.

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